quadrature formula

quadrature formula
формула квадратуры

molecular formula — молекулярная формула

recursion formula — рекуррентная формула

refutable formula — опровержимая формула

space formula — пространственная формула

summation formula — формула суммирования

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  • Quadrature domains — In the branch of mathematics called potential theory, a quadrature domain in two dimensional real Euclidean space is a domain D (an open connected set) together witha finite subset { z 1, hellip;, z k } of D such that, for every function u… …   Wikipedia

  • Clenshaw–Curtis quadrature — and Fejér quadrature are methods for numerical integration, or quadrature , that are based on an expansion of the integrand in terms of Chebyshev polynomials. Equivalently, they employ a change of variables x = cos θ and use a discrete… …   Wikipedia

  • Adaptive quadrature — In applied mathematics, adaptive quadrature is a process in which the integral of a function f(x) is approximated using static quadrature rules on adaptively refined subintervals of the integration domain. Generally, adaptive algorithms are just… …   Wikipedia

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  • Gaussian quadrature — In numerical analysis, a quadrature rule is an approximation of the definite integral of a function, usually stated as a weighted sum of function values at specified points within the domain of integration.(See numerical integration for more on… …   Wikipedia

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